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The words
Researchers from a university in the UK have found [what / that] playing soccer can damage the mental health of players. A team of [expats / experts] from Glasgow University [discovered / discovery] that former professional football players are three and a half times more [likelihood / likely] to die of dementia than other people. The experts looked at [weather / whether] or not heading a football could lead to brain [damaging / damage] . The research team looked [into / onto] the deaths of 7,676 ex-soccer players who played in Scotland professionally between 1900 and 1976. The team [comparison / compared] the deaths of the former soccer players to the deaths of 23,000 people who did not [regularly / regular] play football. They found was that the football players suffered from a lot more brain [injured / injuries] .

The research was [requested / acquitted] by the Football Association and the Professional Footballers' Association in the UK. The two associations [did / made] the request after the [dead / death] of English football player Jeff Astle in 2002. Mr Astle's family was [convinced / studied] he died as a result of playing football. Doctors said his [cause / course] of death was "repeated minor brain traumas". The doctors said [these / this] could happen with [heading / backing] a soccer ball. Researcher Dr Willie Stewart said his research [showed / shown] that former football players were more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease, [vehicle / motor] neurone disease and Parkinson's disease. He said they were less likely to die of common diseases, such as heart disease and lung [cancer / cancerous] .

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