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Russian eagle creates huge data roaming phone bill






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A telephone bill shocked scientists in Russia. It was bigger than they thought. This was because the eagle they were following in their research flew outside Russia. The eagle was using SMS. When the eagle flew across Asia, its SMS transmitters used the Internet of other countries. The scientists had to pay the data roaming charges of these Internet companies. The research team ran out of money because the eagle flew to Iran and Pakistan.

The team started an Internet page to raise money for the bill. It was called "Top up the eagle's mobile". Bird lovers gave $1,600 to help pay the bill. Russia's mobile phone operator heard about the problem. It cancelled the debt and put the team on a cheaper package. A Kazakhstan SMS cost 30 US cents; one from Iran cost the team 50 cents. A scientist wants the eagle to keep sending SMS data. This will help his project and protect all eagles.

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