Speed Reading — Fuel-Tankering - Level 1 — 100 wpm 

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A worker told newspapers about an airline creating extra CO2. The person is a whistleblower - someone who tells bad company secrets. The airlines use "fuel-tankering" to save money. This is when airplanes store extra fuel to fly somewhere and come back. It is bad for the environment and global warming. The airline saves money, but fuel-tankering creates lots of CO2 - as much each year as a large town does.

In a BBC documentary, the CEO of British Airways promised to look at this problem. He said fuel-tankering was "maybe the wrong thing to do". It saves very little money, but there is a big cost to the environment. A flight from London to Italy saves just $50 for an airline, but puts an extra 600kg of CO2 into the air. Greenpeace said airlines put profit before the planet. It said airlines will do anything to make more profit.

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