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have declare be be vow do pacify boycott brand be
flee stay release have flee do ensure take pain be
Bolivia a new leader. She is opposition senator Jeanine Áñez, who has herself interim president following the resignation of former-president Evo Morales on Sunday. Ms Áñez said she next in line to president under Bolivia's constitution and to hold elections as soon as possible. She said: "I assume the presidency immediately and will everything necessary to the country." Lawmakers endorsed Ms Áñez's appointment but senators from Mr Morales' socialist party the vote. Morales' allies Ms Áñez as, "a coup-mongering right-wing senator". Mr Morales condemned what he called a takeover as the, "sneakiest, most nefarious coup in history".

Mr Morales has to Mexico, saying he was in fear for his life had he in Bolivia. He a photo on Twitter of himself to sleep on a concrete floor under a blanket at an undisclosed location before to Mexico by private jet to seek asylum. He said he had been forced to stand down but had so willingly, "to there would be no more bloodshed". Morales stepped down at the weekend following weeks of social turmoil and violent protests. Bolivians to the streets over allegations of election fraud during a presidential election in October. He tweeted: "It me to leave Bolivia for political reasons, but I'll always concerned. I'll return soon, with more strength and energy."

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