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Bolivia has a new leader. She is opposition [senate / senator] Jeanine Áñez, who has declared herself interim president [following / follows] the resignation of former-president Evo Morales on Sunday. Ms Áñez said she was next [on / in] line to be president under Bolivia's [constitution / constituent] and vowed to [hold / take] elections as soon as possible. She said: "I assume the presidency immediately and will do everything necessary to [specify / pacify] the country." Lawmakers [engrossed / endorsed] Ms Áñez's appointment but senators from Mr Morales' socialist party boycotted the vote. Morales' [allies / dallies] branded Ms Áñez as, "a coup-mongering right-wing senator". Mr Morales condemned what he called a takeover as [been / being] the, "sneakiest, most [various / nefarious] coup in history".

Mr Morales has [fled / sled] to Mexico, saying he was in [afraid / fear] for his life had he stayed in Bolivia. He released a photo on Twitter [for / of] himself having to sleep on a concrete floor under a blanket at an undisclosed location [prior / before] fleeing to Mexico by private jet to [surrender / seek] asylum. He said he had been forced to stand [up / down] but had done so willingly, "to ensure there would be no more bloodshed". Morales stepped down at the weekend following weeks of social [turmoil / telepathy] and violent protests. Bolivians took to the streets [over / above] allegations of election fraud during a presidential election in October. He tweeted: "It [aches / pains] me to leave Bolivia for political reasons, but I'll always be concerned. I'll return soon, with more strength and [lethargy / energy] ."

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