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China now the country with the most diplomatic posts around the world. Diplomatic posts embassies, consulates, high commissions and other places to a country overseas. China the USA as the country with the most diplomatic posts. China now 276 diplomatic posts globally, while the USA has 273. The two countries an equal number of embassies, but China more consulates than the U.S. China overtook the USA as the most diplomatically country after it five new embassies in the past two years. The embassies in Burkina Faso, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, the Gambia and Sao Tome and the Principe.

Information about how many diplomatic posts countries have was by an organization the Lowy Institute. Its report is called the Global Diplomacy Index. Bonnie Bley, a spokeswoman from the Lowy Institute, said the Index how China is more influence around the world. She said the number of China's diplomatic posts it wants to a key player in geopolitics and the global economy. Ms Bley said: "The results suggest that, on a practical level, China's network of overseas consulates can the rollout of Beijing's economic ambitions." While China is its diplomatic presence around the world, Ms Bley : "U.S. diplomacy has a period of limbo".

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