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The words
China is now the country with the [most / must] diplomatic posts around the world. Diplomatic posts are embassies, consulates, [high / low] commissions and other places to [present / represent] a country overseas. China overtook the USA as the country with the most [diplomacy / diplomatic] posts. China now has 276 diplomatic posts [globally / globe] , while the USA has 273. The two countries have an [equality / equal] number of embassies, but China has more consulates than the U.S. China [undertook / overtook] the USA as the most diplomatically represented country [after / following] it opened five new embassies in the [past / parsed] two years. The embassies are in Burkina Faso, the Dominican [Republic / Republican] , El Salvador, the Gambia and Sao Tome and the Principe.

Information about how [much / many] diplomatic posts countries have was published [by / of] an organization called the Lowy Institute. Its report is [called / calling] the Global Diplomacy Index. Bonnie Bley, a spokeswoman from the Lowy Institute, said the Index [appears / shows] how China is having more [influence / influential] around the world. She said the number of China's diplomatic posts shows it wants to be a [lock / key] player in geopolitics and the global economy. Ms Bley said: "The [grades / results] suggest that, on a [practical / practice] level, China's network of overseas consulates can support the [burnout / rollout] of Beijing's economic ambitions." While China is expanding its diplomatic presence around the world, Ms Bley said: "U.S. diplomacy has entered a period of [lumber / limbo] ".

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