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Scientists create plastic that repels all bacteria






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A new plastic could stop bacteria and superbugs spreading diseases. Scientists developed a new, plastic wonder-wrap. They say it will greatly cut bacteria spreading in hospitals, kitchens, bathrooms and other places with bugs. Researchers in Canada created the plastic. They say it repels all forms of bacteria and superbugs. The material is like the plastic wrap we use to cover food. It can protect places that attract bacteria, like worktops, door handles, and hospitals.

The researchers got their idea from the lotus plant. They copied how lotus leaves repelled water. Water either sits on the leaves or bounces off. A researcher hoped plastic could do the same. She said: "This material gives us something that can be applied to all kinds of things." Another researcher said his technology could be used in all kinds of settings. It will offer anti-microbial resistance in any future health crisis.

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