Gap Fill - Self-Cleaning Plastic - Level 4


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   all      bacteria      bugs      crisis      food      forms      handles      hospitals      idea      kinds      leaves      lotus      material      new      other      resistance      same      technology      us      wrap  
A new plastic could stop and superbugs spreading diseases. Scientists developed a , plastic wonder-. They say it will greatly cut bacteria spreading in , kitchens, bathrooms and places with . Researchers in Canada created the plastic. They say it repels all of bacteria and superbugs. The is like the plastic wrap we use to cover . It can protect places that attract bacteria, like worktops, door , and hospitals.

The researchers got their from the plant. They copied how lotus repelled water. Water either sits on the leaves or bounces off. A researcher hoped plastic could do the . She said: "This material gives something that can be applied to kinds of things." Another researcher said his could be used in all of settings. It will offer anti-microbial in any future health .

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