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A revolutionary new plastic could help to [prevent / protect] bacteria and superbugs causing disease and illness. Scientists have developed a new kind of [transparency / transparent] , plastic wonder-wrap. They say it will drastically cut [coincidences / incidences] of microbe transfer in hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and [another / other] places where bugs [lay / lie] in wait. The plastic was created by researchers from McMaster University in Canada. They say their material can [repeal / repel] all forms of bacteria, including superbugs like MRSA. The [materialism / material] is like a conventional transparent [wrap / rapper] used to cover food. It can be shrink-wrapped to protect places that [attract / deflect] bacteria, like worktops, door handles, [tops / taps] , hospital equipment and food containers.

The researchers said the [inspiration / perspiration] for their new material came from the lotus plant. They attempted to [replicate / implicate] the method in which the leaves of this [pliant / plant] repelled water. Drops of water either sit on the surface of the leaves or [trounce / bounce] off. Researcher Leyla Soleymani wanted to [apply / reply] that process to the new plastic. She said: "We're [structured / structurally] tuning that plastic. This material gives us something that can be applied to all kinds of things." Another researcher, Tohid Didar, said: "We can [see / look] this technology being used in all kinds of institutional and [domicile / domestic] settings. As the world confronts the [crisis / crisscrosses] of anti-microbial resistance, we hope it will become an important part of the anti-bacterial [snack box / toolbox] ."

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