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Did you know chimpanzees love to dance? They like clapping, nodding their , and tapping their in time with the . A study shows that chimpanzees could like . Researchers from Japan say their study could explain humans developed an interest in music. The researchers conducted on seven chimps. They played the apes six on a piano for six days. The researchers said the chimps had a real of rhythm and the music changed their mood. The male chimpanzees seemed to react to the songs more than the .

Chimpanzees passed on a for music and dance to early humans around six years ago. The researchers said our love of dancing was inside the earliest humans. A researcher said: "Chimpanzees dance to some in the same way as humans." She added: "In humans, listening to music causes rhythmic , suggesting a connection between the auditory and motor in the brain." She believes the could explain the development of dancing in humans and we love melody and rhythm so .

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