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prepare start kill spread catch meet be urge be suspend
be come mutate mutate be say be need breathe feel
Nations around the world are for a possible major outbreak of a new deadly virus. The coronavirus, which in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has already 17 people. It has to the USA, Japan, Korea and Thailand. More than 540 people have the virus and are in hospital. The World Health Organization (WHO) is to decide whether the outbreak a global health emergency. China is people not to panic ahead of the Chinese New Year next week. Millions of Chinese will travelling across the country to spend the holiday season with their families. Meanwhile, the city of Wuhan has its public transport systems to help stop the spread of the virus.

The new coronavirus suspected to have from illegally traded animals in a Wuhan market. The virus and spread from an animal to a human. There are fears it could and spread further. Scientists say the virus is contagious and can passed from person to person through the air. Dr Linfa Wang, a virologist at the Duke-National University of Singapore, the new coronavirus in the same family as SARS, but it's different from SARS. He said people to look for pneumonia-like symptoms, such as fever, cough and difficulty . Fu Ning, a 36-year-old woman from Beijing, said: "I fearful because there's no cure for the virus."

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