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The words
Nations around the world are [preparation / preparing] for a possible major outbreak of a new deadly [virus / viral] . The coronavirus, which started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has [still / already] killed 17 people. It has [spreads / spread] to the USA, Japan, Korea and Thailand. More than 540 people have [caught / thrown] the virus and are in hospital. The World Health Organization (WHO) is meeting to decide whether the [uptake / outbreak] is a global health emergency. China is urging people not to panic [forward / ahead] of the Chinese New Year next week. Millions of Chinese will [have / be] travelling across the country to [spend / expand] the holiday season with their families. Meanwhile, the city of Wuhan has [suspended / suspense] its public transport systems to help stop the spread of the virus.

The new coronavirus is [suspicion / suspected] to have come from illegally traded animals in a Wuhan market. The virus [mutated / mated] and spread from an animal to a human. There [are / is] fears it could mutate and spread further. Scientists say the virus is [courageous / contagious] and can be [past / passed] from person to person [through / flew] the air. Dr Linfa Wang, a virologist at the Duke-National University of Singapore, said the new coronavirus is in the [shame / same] family as SARS, but it's different from SARS. He said people needed to look for pneumonia-like symptoms, such [as / like] fever, cough and difficulty breathing. Fu Ning, a 36-year-old woman from Beijing, said: "I feel [fearful / fearfully] because there's no [cure / cute] for the virus."

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