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Pasta has been reclassified [as / has] a vegetable in U.S. schools. An overhaul of national dietary regulations has resulted [on / in] pasta now counting towards the vegetable requirements in school lunches [crossed / across] the USA. The new school guidelines [were / was] released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture last week. The rules [stimulate / stipulate] that: "Pasta made of vegetable flour may [credit / debit] as a vegetable, even if the pasta is not [severed / served] with another recognizable vegetable." Pasta can only be [regarded / regard] as a vegetable serving if it is made with potato, soy or other starchy, vegetable-based flour. [Smocked / Shocked] critics of the new rules joked that bread could be regarded [was / as] a vegetable as that is also made from flour.

Other changes outlined include the [having / halving] of fruit given to children for breakfast and the [provision / provides] of a greater selection of burgers, fries, pizza and other high-calorie food that is full of saturated [fatty / fat] and salt. The Agriculture Secretary [defended / defensively] the guidelines. He said the new rules would [reduce / deduce] food waste. He said the new policy was necessary because, "a more common-sense [flexible / flexibility] is needed to provide students with [nutrition / nutritious] and appetizing meals". The guidelines [reserve / reverse] the Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which was championed by Michelle Obama. A health expert said: "This makes absolutely no [senses / sense] . Politics and industry pressure should not [interfere / interference] with what is best for children's health."

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