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Rising sea levels could see the [demure / demise] of half of the world's beaches by the end of this century. Climate scientists [prediction / predict] that 50 per cent of sandy beaches along the world's coastlines could [varnish / vanish] over the next eight decades if climate [changed / change] continues on its current [path / alley] . The scientists are from the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. They warned that the shorelines [to / of] many highly-populated areas and tourist hot-spots are [threat / threatened] by erosion from climate change and [surging / splurging] sea levels. Areas at risk of disappearing forever [including / include] well-known, popular beaches in Australia's Surfers' Paradise, the islands of Hawaii, Brazil's Copacabana Beach, and the Costa del Sol [in / on] Spain.

The scientists reported that countries [like / liken] The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau in Africa are predicted to [vanish / lose] over 60% of their beaches. The country to be worst [effected / affected] is Australia, where 12,000km of coastline could end up underwater [forever / moreover] . The researchers wrote that: "A substantial [proposition / proportion] of the world's sandy coastline is already [eroding / erosion] , a situation that could be exacerbated by climate change. [This]...could result in the [near / nearly] extinction of the world's sandy beaches by the end of the [country / century] ." Research co-author Dr Michalis Vousdoukas said there were two important ways we could reduce this [trend / trendy] and save the beaches. He said we had to, "reduce emissions and manage our coastline in a more [sustainable / sustains] way".

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