Speed Reading — Cashier-less Technology - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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Amazon will sell its cashier-less technology to other stores. The technology, called "Just Walk Out," means stores do not need cashiers. Shoppers go into a store, put their shopping in their bag and then... just walk out. The software calculates the cost of the customer's shopping and then charges the customer's credit card or payment card. Amazon has been using the software for the past two years in its own Go Grocery stores.

The software will cut the number of cashiers stores need. Cameras on the ceiling will link to software that checks what customers have in their bag. The software then bills the customer and produces a receipt. Amazon could make a lot of money from this. Many stores want it to remove the complaints of slow checkouts. Amazon said the software lets staff, "focus on more valuable activities". However, people worry that there will be fewer jobs.

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