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   at      by      for      in      in      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      on      out      over      up      with  
Mayors across Italy are taking direct action to make sure people follow lockdown rules. The whole Italy is under lockdown. It is one the countries worst affected the COVID-19 coronavirus. The country has reported 80,000 cases infections. There have also been 8,215 deaths, the most any country in the world. The whole country is under lockdown but not everyone is following the rules. There are many videos online mayors going into the streets to order people to stay home. Over 100,000 people in Italy have been fined being on the streets without a good reason. Three-quarters of the world is lockdown as countries try to contain the virus.

Some mayors Italy are posting angry messages social media. The mayor of one town said he was tired people walking their dogs many times a day. He posted a video saying: "Where are you going these incontinent dogs? You need to stay home. People are dying. Don't you get it? You are irresponsible idiots, colossal idiots." The president Lombardy, Italy's worst affected region, said: "Too many people are still and about." Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said: "Everyone's efforts are needed as the survival the social and economic fabric our country is at stake." Italians have also started a worldwide trend singing from their balcony to cheer people .

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