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The words
Mayors across Italy are taking [direct / direction] action to make sure people follow lockdown rules. The whole of Italy is [over / under] lockdown. It is one of the countries worst [affection / affected] by the COVID-19 coronavirus. The country has reported over 80,000 [cases / castes] of infections. There have also been 8,215 deaths, the most of [many / any] country in the world. The whole country is under lockdown but not everyone is [following / followed] the rules. There are many videos online of mayors [gone / going] into the streets to order people to stay [at / to] home. Over 100,000 people in Italy have been fined for being on the streets without a good [reason / reasons] . Three-quarters of the world is in lockdown as countries try to [container / contain] the virus.

Some mayors in Italy are posting [angrily / angry] messages on social media. The mayor of one town said he was [tired / tried] of people walking their dogs many times [the / a] day. He posted a video saying: "Where are you going with these [incontinent / continental] dogs? You need to stay home. People are dying. Don’t you get it? You are [responsibility / irresponsible] idiots, colossal idiots." The president of Lombardy, Italy's [bad / worst] affected region, said: "Too many people are still out and [about / abut] ." Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said: "Everyone's [effort / efforts] are needed as the survival of the social and economic fabric of our country is at [steak / stake] ." Italians have also started a worldwide trend of singing from their balcony to cheer people [up / down] .

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