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be move kill destroy wipe leave kill warn look worry
look be describe have be get wear give snap stick
There some scary insects in this world. Few of them are as scary and as venomous as the Asian giant hornet. These fearsome creatures are common in Japan and Korea but are now across the Pacific Ocean to the USA and Canada. The hornets around 40 people a year in Japan. They also and out colonies of honeybees. A hornet attack can piles of dead bees, most of them headless, in their beehive. A few dozen hornets can an entire colony of 30,000 bees in a few hours. Authorities in Washington State on the west coast of the USA have people to out for the hornets. Beekeepers are now about their beehives.

The hornets are big. They measure about five centimeters in length. They also scary. Washington bee breeder Susan Cobey said: "They're like something out of a monster cartoon with this huge yellow-orange face." The sting of the hornet extremely painful. A Vancouver beekeeper the pain. He said: "It was like red-hot thumbtacks driven into my flesh." He said the sting "excruciating". The hornet's stinger is half a centimeter long. It can through the protective clothing beekeepers . Another beekeeper said: "They a warning before they sting. They their jaws and make a clicking sound. But if you around to notice that, you're probably already in a world of hurt."

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