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The words
There are some [scary / scars] insects in this world. Few of them are as scary and as [venomous / venom] as the Asian giant hornet. These fearsome creatures are [common / commonly] in Japan and Korea but are [non / now] moving across the Pacific Ocean to the USA and Canada. The hornets kill around 40 people a year in Japan. They [also / addition] destroy and wipe out colonies [for / of] honeybees. A hornet attack can [stay / leave] piles of dead bees, most of them headless, in [their / them] beehive. A few dozen hornets can kill an entire colony of 30,000 bees [at / in] a few hours. Authorities in Washington State on the west coast of the USA have warned people to look [in / out] for the hornets. Beekeepers are now worried about their beehives.

The hornets are big. They [measurement / measure] about five centimeters in length. They also look scary. Washington bee [brooder / breeder] Susan Cobey said: "They're like something [out / in] of a monster cartoon with this huge yellow-orange face." The [string / sting] of the hornet is extremely [painless / painful] . A Vancouver beekeeper described the pain. He said: "It was like having red-hot thumbtacks [cycled / driven] into my flesh." He said the sting was "excruciating". The hornet's stinger is half [the / a] centimeter long. It can get through the [protective / protect] clothing beekeepers wear. Another beekeeper said: "They give a warning before they sting. They snap their jaws and make a clicking [hear / sound] . But if you stick around to notice that, you're probably already in a world of [hurt / hunt] ."

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