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A regulatory body in the UK that after student affairs has universities to be honest about online lessons. The Office for Students a request to higher education providers not to promises that lessons from September will in-person or face-to-face. Currently, thousands of institutions worldwide are lessons online because of the coronavirus pandemic. The quality of these lessons quite often on the proficiency of teachers to successfully video conferencing platforms to replicate a classroom experience. The body said: "Tailored support to be put in place." Cambridge University has all of its lessons will be online until the summer of 2021.

The Office for Students chief executive, Nicola Dandridge, warned universities and colleges to "as clear as they can" when students of what kind of teaching situation they will . She said: "None of us knows exactly what is going to be in the autumn. What we don't want to see is promises that it's all to be back to usual with an on-campus experience, when that is not the case." She added: "The point here is absolute clarity to students so they know what they are in advance to [university] offers." She said that, "every reasonable effort" should be to ensure that students, " good outcomes and that the quality of their teaching robust".

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