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The words
A man in Austria has been fined for a very [unusually / unusual] act. His "crime" was "farting loudly [in / on] front of police officers". The unnamed man was sitting on a bench in Austria's [capitalist / capital] Vienna. The Vienna Police Department tweeted [earlier / faster] this week about the man's actions. It described what happened after police officers approached the man. It wrote: "He [rose / rise] slightly from the park bench, looked at the officers, and apparently [intention / intentionally] released a massive fart in the immediate [vacancy / vicinity] of the officers." The police immediately gave the man a fine. The [offence / offensive] was for "violating public decency by loudly blowing a [bubble / bowel] in front of police officers". It was also for making, "an unduly disturbing [noise / noisy] ".

The fine issued [at / to] the man is for 500 euro – about $560. If the man does not [pay / paid] the fine within five days, he could go to [imprison / prison] for five days. The Austrian police have defended their actions and say the officers were right [to / for] issue the fine. A spokesperson said the man had been doing other annoying things [before / then] he farted. The police officers who issued the fine said the man [was / did] misbehaving. They said that he had been behaving [in / on] a way that would upset other people. The spokesperson said the man only had one thing on [this / his] mind when he stood up in front of police officers, and that was to fart [to / at] them. The officers said he, "let go a massive intestinal [wind / breeze] apparently with full intent".

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