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French health workers get $9 billion pay rise






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France has agreed a pay rise of $9 billion for its health workers. The extra cash means that health workers will get $208 more in their pay packet each month. The pay rise was to recognise the efforts of health workers during the coronavirus pandemic. The Prime Minister said: "No one can deny that this is a historic moment for our health system." During the outbreak, millions of French people applauded nurses and doctors. They have been rewarded with a rise in pay.

Monday's announcement was on the day before Bastille Day - a day to honour the French Revolution in 1789. It is the national day of France. Health workers attended a ceremony in Paris, but unions asked them to stay away as a protest. The unions said the government had to do more to protect staff and keep them safe. The government said it would do more. It said the pay rise was a "way of catching up for years of delay".

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