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French health workers get $9 billion pay rise






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The French government and labour unions have agreed a pay rise of $9 billion for health workers. The extra cash means that workers will get an extra $208 a month in their pay packet. Public sector doctors will also get more money. The Prime Minister said the pay rise was to recognise the efforts of health workers during the coronavirus pandemic. He said: "No one can deny that this is a historic moment for our health system." During the outbreak, millions of French people applauded nurses and doctors. This caused the government to reward them with a rise in pay.

Monday's announcement was on the day before Bastille Day on July the 14th. This is a day to honour the French Revolution in 1789. It is the national day of France. Around 1,400 health workers attended a ceremony in Paris. However, unions asked them to stay away from the celebration as a protest. The unions said the government had to do more to protect staff and keep them safe during the pandemic. The government said it would do more. It said: "[The pay rise] is a way of catching up for years of delay, for which each and every one of us has their share of responsibility."

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