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The space agency of the United Arab Emirates has launched its [historian / historic] first mission to Mars. The UAE launched its Hope [globe / probe] on an H2-A rocket from a spaceport in Japan on Monday. The probe is on an [incredible / incredibly] 500-million-km journey to study the weather and climate [on / in] the Red Planet. Hope is [scheduled / schedule] to arrive in Mars' orbit in February 2021, to [coincidence / coincide] with the 50th anniversary of the [formation / affirmation] of the UAE. The Emirates Mars Mission will stay in the Martian [circle / orbit] for 687 days. It will collect data samples of the Martian atmosphere to analyse. Scientists in Dubai hope their [funding / findings] will add to our understanding of how Mars lost a lot of its air and water, as well as [jumping / springing] up a few surprises.

The UAE has joined the [ranks / links] of long-established pioneering space [giants / gigantic] such as the USA, Russia, China, India and Japan. Entering the [patch / field] of space exploration is a [firmament / testament] to the ambitions of this young country. The Khaleej Times newspaper explained how [momentarily / momentous] the Hope probe is for the UAE. It wrote: "It's an understatement to say that the UAE [did / made] history last night. By using history as a [springboard / sounding board] , the UAE has catapulted itself and along with it the [world / word] into the future - a future of insight and intelligence, beyond [mere / more] imagination. For more than 400 million Arabs in the world, one hour, 58 minutes and 14 seconds past midnight last night was a moment that epitomised an [eternal / eternity] ."

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