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The words
The gold medal [for / on] the 44th Chess Olympiad has been shared [at / by] India and Russia. The countries [receiving / received] joint-gold because of a [glitch / ditch] with the Internet. The Olympiad takes place every two years to find the best chess-playing nation in the world. This year it was [grasped / held] online for the first time. The online [vision / version] of the competition was because of coronavirus. The final was [between / connection] players from Russia and India. However, some games [came / went] to an end after two Indian players lost their Internet connection. Officials at the tournament said they had no [choose / choice] but to award the gold medal to the two countries. They said this was fair because the Indian players lost time when the Internet connection [failure / failed] .

This year's Chess Olympiad [starred / started] in July. Teams from over 160 countries took part. The final [square / round] was not the only time teams had [technique / technical] glitches. A player from Armenia was disconnected from the tournament's [server / saver] during his quarter-final match against India. However, on that [occasion / occasionally] , officials rejected his appeal. Armenia withdrew from the competition in [detest / protest] . Officials said there were "unprecedented circumstances" in the final. They said: "The Online Chess Olympiad has been [compacted / impacted] by a global internet outage that severely [affected / effected] several countries, including India. Two of the Indian players were affected and [lose / lost] connection when the outcome of the match was still [unclear / clarity] ."

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