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The words
A sushi restaurant in Japan has come [down / up] with a novel idea to help its business. It is using bodybuilders to [deliver / delivery] sushi to people's homes and workplaces. The restaurant is [locale / located] in central Japan and is owned [of / by] 41-year-old Masanori Sugiura. He is the third-generation owner of the 60-year-old Imazushi restaurant. As well as [been / being] a sushi chef, Mr Sugiura is a bodybuilder. He [ranked / rankled] third in a world bodybuilding championship earlier [one / this] year. He wanted to increase sales [in / on] his restaurant after the number of customers dropped because of coronavirus. Sugiura [called / name] his service "Delivery Macho". Customers need to order a minimum [to / of] 7,000 yen ($66) of sushi to get their food delivered by a bodybuilder.

The Delivery Macho service is [proof / proving] to be popular with customers. Even though the restaurant is in [centrally / central] Japan, Mr Sugiura says he [was / has] delivered sushi to places as [far / near] away as Tokyo and Osaka. Tokyo is around 350km from the restaurant. The service has also [been / bin] trending on Twitter. Satisfied customers have [pasted / posed] for photos with the bodybuilding delivery men, who take their shirt off and [dose / pose] for photos at the doorstep. The delivery men stay socially distanced. This has helped to increase [orders / demands] for the restaurant. Mr Sugiura said the service has also helped to [employ / deploy] people out of work. He recruited his friends from [fit / fitness] gyms to work as sushi delivery staff.

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