Speed Reading — Birth Certificates - Level 1 — 200 wpm

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There is a victory for women's rights in Afghanistan. The names of mothers can be put on children's birth certificates. For hundreds of years, only the father's name was allowed. Afghanistan has said a new law means the mother's name can be put on certificates. Campaigners started a social media campaign in 2017 to fight for this. In Afghanistan, a woman's name is often not included on wedding invitations.

Afghanistan called the law, "a big step forward for women's rights". A campaigner said: "By printing her name, we give the mother power...to be a mother who can, without the presence of a man...enroll her children in school and travel." Another campaigner said: "My...happiness may seem ridiculous for women in other countries, but when we live in a society where women are...excluded, achieving such basic rights is a big...task."

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