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Cinemas worldwide are struggling to survive, but those in Japan have smashed box office records. Despite social distancing, the animated film 'Demon Slayer' has just seen the biggest box office weekend in Japan's history. It more than doubled the previous record. It also had the biggest opening weekend anywhere in the world. Ticket sales last weekend were more than all other countries combined. Japanese cinemas made $44 million on ticket sales.

The movie is based on a smash-hit manga - a Japanese-style comic book. The story takes place in early 20th-century Japan. A young man joins a group of warriors to get revenge on demons that killed his family and cursed his sister. It is the latest series to become a phenomenon in Japan. The 22-volume manga sold over 100 million copies. It is one of the most successful manga ever. A Japan expert said: "Even people over 50...really like it."

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