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While movie theatres around the world are [struggled / struggling] to survive, cinemagoers in Japan are [helping / aiding] to smash box office records. Despite COVID-19 social distancing rules, an animated film has just seen by [far / farther] the biggest box office weekend [on / in] the history of Japan's cinemas. The movie 'Demon Slayer: Mugen Train' not only [broke / broken] records in Japan, it also had the biggest [open / opening] weekend for any movie anywhere in the world. The movie only [debuted / debacle] domestically in Japan but it more than doubled its [previous / impervious] record. Ticket sales last weekend were greater than [them / those] of all other countries combined. Japanese cinemas saw over 3.4 million patrons [forking / knifing] out a whopping $44 million on tickets.

The movie Demon Slayer is based [in / on] a smash-hit Japanese manga - a Japanese-style comic book. The story is [get / set] in early 20th-century Japan. The main [antagonist / protagonist] is a young man who joins a group of warriors to get revenge on a group of [ghastly / ghouls] and demons that killed his family and [cursed / cussed] his sister. It is the latest in a long line of anime and manga to become a [phenomena / phenomenon] in Japanese popular culture. The 22-volume manga has sold over 100 million copies, [making / made] it one of the most successful manga of [all / every] time. [Japanologist / Japanology] Roland Kelts from Tokyo's Waseda University said: "This particular title [cuts / snips] across generations. Even people over 40, over 50, really like Demon Slayer."

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