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The words
The 2020 U.S. presidential election was a stressful [eventual / event] for many people. A poll [waited / conducted] by the marketing research company OnePoll found that the election was a [mainly / main] cause of stress in 49 per cent of people. Only COVID-19 caused [greatly / greater] stress. The poll found that 55 per cent of the 2,000 adults in the survey [belief / believed] that November the 3rd, 2020 would be the [tensest / most] day yet this year. In addition, 59 per cent said they couldn't imagine [been / being] more stressed than they already were. Furthermore, 67 per cent wanted 2020 to be [over / cover] . Naomi Hirabayashi, cofounder of the self-care [upper / app] Shine, said: "It's not just the election anxiety - this year has been a marathon of stress. These are not normal [times / time] ."

The months of non-stop news [reversal / coverage] caused many people to get stressed out. One thing many people did to [relieve / relief] stress was to bake. Stress baking [rise / rose] in popularity in 2020. More cakes and bread have been going [onto / into] ovens in the [run-up / run-down] to the election. Stress baking is now in the top five most [effective / affective] self-care practices of 2020. The poll found that 27 per cent of people used baking [was / as] a stress reliever. Unfortunately, 41 per cent of people said the stress of 2020 caused them to [gain / grain] weight. One American woman said stress baking reduced her election stress. She said: "I'm prepared and have a [post- / mail-] election plan. In reality, we probably won't have a clear winner for weeks after election [daily / day] ."

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