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Would you be interested in an "all-you-can-stay" holiday? It sounds too good to be true. A luxury resort in the Maldives has a special, once-in-a-lifetime vacation - unlimited use of its property for all of 2021. Guests get to use a bungalow that is perched above the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. It includes free airport transfers, 365 breakfasts, discounts on spa treatments, and cooking lessons. However, all this comes at a huge price of $30,000.

The Maldives is an archipelago. It is a luxurious destination famous for its beaches, palm trees and five-star hospitality. Its marine life puts it on the bucket list of many scuba divers. A lot of its resorts are on atolls, which is perfect for holidaymakers who want seclusion and privacy in paradise. It needs tourists and struggled during the coronavirus pandemic. A spokesperson said the $30,000 is good value and cheaper than staying in an average hotel.

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