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be include be say use create confuse worry say become
say use be help create be create be believe be
There many types of English around the world. Some well-known varieties in Asia Chinglish in China, Singlish in Singapore and Japanese English. A group of language experts in Japan troubled by how the government uses English. In particular, it the government computer or online translation too much. Researchers say many translations strange and confusing words and expressions. Many of these are to English speakers. The researchers this could have a negative impact on Japan's tourist industry. They even the increasing amount of unsuitable words is a "national embarrassment" in Japan.

The research team computer software gives odd or incorrect translations for individual kanji - the Chinese characters in Japanese writing. There many examples of this, including "Hello Work" - the name for job centres, and "Go To Travel" a plan to tourism in Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team says software , "unintentionally funny translations that could easily corrected if they were just checked by an English speaker". Businesses also this English. The Christmas message used by the Seibu Sogo department store has raised eyebrows. It says "Stay Positive." Many people this is the wrong thing to say during coronavirus and "Stay Happy" would better.

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