Speed Reading — Jesus Christ - Level 4 — 200 wpm 

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Archaeologists in Nazareth say they have found Jesus' childhood home. They have been working for 14-years on the site at a convent. They think the first-century home is where Jesus grew up as a child. Professor Ken Dark did fieldwork at the ancient site. He says his studies of the well-preserved home showed "excellent craftsmanship". He says this is, "consistent with it having been constructed by a tekton" - the job of Jesus' father, Joseph.

The home was first found in the 1880s and first excavated in the 1930s. For decades, experts have stated that the site was Jesus' boyhood home. The site had been almost forgotten by scholars. Dark used cutting edge techniques to find secrets about the house. People believed the building was Jesus' house from at least the 380s. Dark says his claims are not conclusive. He says we may never know for sure whether or not Jesus lived at that location.

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