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approve manufacture be eat be taste mean mean kill transform
believe be revolutionise be lead change see add create give
Singapore has the production, sale and consumption of meat in a lab. The lab-grown meat could the start of a revolution in the way we . Despite the cultured meat coming from bioreactors in a laboratory, it is, scientifically, real meat. To more precise, it is chicken. The "chicken bites" look and like real chicken. The chicken is made by the U.S. company Eat Just. The "just" in the company's name is the adjective "just" ( "fair") rather than the adverb that "only". Josh Tetrick, the Eat Just CEO, said no animals are to make the meat. This has the potential to the meat industry. It could also have an adverse impact on poultry and livestock farming.

Mr Tetrick Singapore's green light just the start of a huge shake-up that will meat manufacturing. He said: "I'm sure that our regulatory approval for cultured meat will the first of many in...countries around the globe." He said lab-grown meat could to a huge reduction in the environmental impact of livestock production and thus the world for the better. We could disease-free meat, an end to the use of drugs in meat, and an end to animal cruelty. Tetrick : "Cultured meat's role in a safer, more secure global food supply has... rise to a steady increase in the application of animal cell culture technology...of food products."

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