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Singapore has [approved / approval] the production, sale and consumption of meat manufactured in a lab. The lab-grown meat could be the start of a [revolution / revolting] in the way we eat. [Despite / Spite] the cultured meat coming from bioreactors in a laboratory, it is, [science / scientifically] , real meat. To be more precise, it is chicken. The "chicken bites" look and [tastes / taste] like real chicken. The chicken is made by the U.S. company Eat Just. The "just" in the company's name is the [conjunction / adjective] "just" (meaning "fair") rather than the [adverb / preposition] that means "only". Josh Tetrick, the Eat Just CEO, said no animals are [died / killed] to make the meat. This has the [potent / potential] to transform the meat industry. It could also have an adverse impact [in / on] poultry and livestock farming.

Mr Tetrick believes Singapore's green light is [just / justly] the start of a huge shake-up that will revolutionise meat manufacturing. He said: "I'm [surely / sure] that our regulatory approval for [cultural / cultured] meat will be the first of many in...countries around the globe." He said lab-grown meat could lead to a [huge / enormous] reduction in the environmental impact of [livelihood / livestock] production and thus change the world for [a / the] better. We could see disease-free meat, an end to the [user / use] of drugs in meat, and an end to animal [cruelty / cruel] . Tetrick added: "Cultured meat's role [in / on] creating a safer, more secure global food supply has...given rise to a steady increase in the [applied / application] of animal cell culture technology...of food products."

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