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A huge protest has taken place in India in what could be the largest [demonisation / demonstration] in human history. Tens of thousands of farmers [descended / absconded] on the capital New Delhi to [nasal / voice] concerns about new farming legislation. This number is nothing [in / out] of the ordinary for a demo. However, history was [made / had] when up to 250 million people from a broad cross-section of the subcontinent joined in a 24-hour [generally / general] strike. The protestors came from all [runs / walks] of life to show [solidify / solidarity] with the farmers. The scale of the protest forced the government to meet the protesters face-to-face. The numbers made the government change its [tactical / tactics] somewhat, as marches are usually met with a [show / resemble] of force from the police.

India's farmers are up in [arms / legs] about the enactment of three laws to "reform" the country's agriculture industry. The laws represent a radical [upheaval / heave-ho] of India's agrarian society. Furious farmers are [vaunting / venting] their anger on the streets. They are [accusing / amusing] the government of selling [in / out] millions of India's agricultural workers for the benefit of big agri-business. They have [set / let] up protest camps around Delhi in what looks like a [debacle / blockade] of the city. A farmers' union representative said: "We will [block / rail] tracks if our demands are not met." He said agriculture was too important for governments to [jest / play] party politics with. Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar said he was optimistic [to / about] finding a compromise.

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