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The words
The United Nations has given a [special / specially] award to a festival in South Korea. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) decided to [additive / add] South Korea's Lotus Lantern Festival to its [list / listed] of intangible cultural heritage [at / of] humanity. The festival was one of 25 [thing / things] the UN decided to add to its heritage list [that / this] year. Some things that UNESCO adds to its heritage list are tangible - this means we can [touch / torch] them. Examples are the Pyramids in Egypt or Machu Picchu in Peru. If something is intangible, we [general / generally] cannot touch it. Events like South Korea's Lotus Lantern Festival or a dance or a method [to / for] weaving baskets are examples [of / at] intangible heritage.

South Korea's Lotus Lantern Festival is a springtime [eventually / event] that is held to celebrate Buddha's birthday on April the 8th. It [symbols / symbolizes] lighting up the world to make things [flair / fair] for everyone. The festival [dates / date] back two millennia. Historians say there was an [ancient / recent] kingdom in 57BC where [royals / rivals] visited a temple to see lotus lanterns. Today, it is one of South Korea's biggest festivals. People make lanterns [wither / with] paper and bamboo. They decorate temples with these. Many villages, towns and cities [hold / fold] parades in which the lanterns are carried through [the / them] streets. A spokesperson said: "We will try to make the festival a cultural heritage that can be loved by people around the world [regardless / regarding] of their religion."

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