Speed Reading — Karaoke - Level 2 — 200 wpm

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A taxi driver is offering free rides for singing a song. Tu Ching Liang, 57, is a big fan of karaoke. He loves listening to people sing. He is famous for his taxi's colourful, flashing disco lights. It is easy to see his taxi. It has a pink neon star on the dashboard. People can choose a "karaoke" option on a taxi-locating app in the capital city Taipei. Mr Tu's taxi will appear on your smartphone screen. When it arrives, he will give you a microphone and an iPad for you to go to YouTube and select the song you want to sing. He says people are braver at night.

Mr Tu loves his job. He joked: "No one is as lucky as me...rushing to go to work and not make any money." He added: "I've been driving a taxi for 27 years, giving money as rewards for singing karaoke for eight years....I've filmed over 10,000 videos." He told a reporter from a newspaper that if people do not sing, they do not get a discount or a free ride. Some of Mr Tu's videos on YouTube have been viewed over two million times. He is now a celebrity and has been on TV shows in 10 countries. His dream is to have singer Ed Sheeran as a passenger in his taxi.

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