Speed Reading — Karaoke - Level 0 — 300 wpm

Now do this put-the-text-back-together activity.

This is the text (if you need help).

A taxi driver is giving free rides for songs. He loves karaoke and listening to people sing. He is famous for his taxi's flashing disco lights and the pink neon star. People can choose a "karaoke" option on a taxi app in the capital. When he arrives, you get a microphone and an iPad for you to select the song you want to sing.

The taxi driver loves his job. He said: "No one is as lucky as me." He has given free rides for songs for eight years. He has filmed over 10,000 videos. Some of his videos have over two million views. If people do not sing, they get no free ride. He has been on TV in 10 countries. His dream is to give a ride to singer Ed Sheeran.

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