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The words
Reporters are [said / saying] the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have abandoned social media. The Duke (formerly Prince Harry) and his wife Meghan have [reported / reportedly] said goodbye to their social media accounts. They want to focus [in / on] their new life together in the USA. The "Sunday Times" newspaper [in / on] the UK wrote that the couple have no plans to [use / used] social media for their non-profit organisation or for their [personal / personality] lives. The newspaper said the couple have become [sadly / sad] and tired of all the "hate" they see online. They both decided [for / to] step down as active [members / member] of the British royal family last year. Since then, many people have attacked and criticised [them / they] on their Instagram account.

Harry and Meghan’s [mainly / main] social media account was @sussexroyal on Instagram. They have 10.4 million followers [to / on] this account but have not posted any new [content / index] since March 2020. A [source / sauce] told the "Sunday Times" that the couple were "very unlikely" to use social media again. Meghan has [speaking / spoken] out about the harm social media can do. She was the [subject / subjective] of many attacks after she married [onto / into] Britain's royal family. She said she experienced "almost unsurvivable" online [abuse / abusive] and cyberbullying. She added that she was the most [toiled / trolled] person in the world in 2019. This news comes [as / was] social media companies are in the spotlight for suspending the accounts of US President Donald Trump.

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