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The words
An American ocean exploration team has [filming / filmed] the world's deepest known shipwreck for the first time. The ship is a World War II US Navy battleship [calling / called] the USS Johnston. It was sunk [to / by] the Japanese Navy on October the 25th, 1944 [during / while] the Battle of Samar in the Philippine Sea. The wreck now sits on the ocean floor at a [deep / depth] of around 6,456 metres. The film crew [managed / management] to go down to [that / what] incredible depth and darkness and map and film the whole shipwreck. They filmed the ship from a [specially / special] built submersible that can [deal / ideal] with the pressure of the deep ocean. They discovered it was about 30 metres deeper than previously thought. The filming [happened / took] place during two eight-hour dives.

The explorers are [from / to] a company called Caladan Oceanic. Its [finder / founder] is Victor Vescovo, a former US Navy commander. He has a [passionate / passion] for adventure and for visiting some of the world's hardest-to-get-to places. He holds the record [for / of] being the first person ever to get to the [top / stop] of all the world's continents, both poles, and the bottom of all the world's oceans. Mr Vescovo said the [emission / mission] to film the USS Johnston was a personal one [because / so] that ship and his submersible were made in the same shipyard and both [saved / served] in the US Navy. He said: "As a US Navy officer, I'm [proud / pride] to have helped bring clarity and closure to the Johnston, its crew, and the families of [those / them] who died on it."

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