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The words
The Tokyo Motor Show has been cancelled for the first time [on / in] its history. The organizers called the show [on / off] because of an increase in the number [of / as] coronavirus cases in Japan. Akio Toyoda, chairperson of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, said: "The Tokyo Motor Show is [been / being] cancelled, not [delayed / delay] . It's difficult to hold the event in a way in which many people will be [able / ability] to experience the appeal of cars in a safe and secure environment." Tokyo has just been put [over / under] a two-week state or emergency to try and [reduction / reduce] the surge in COVID-19. Japan's government is worried [around / about] the pandemic because it will host the Tokyo Olympics in July. Many Japanese people want to cancel [the / an] Olympics.

The Tokyo Motor Show was first [hold / held] in 1954. It is one of the world's top five motor shows. It [attracted / attached] over 1.3 million motoring professionals and enthusiasts in 2019. Mr Toyoda said his team [consideration / considered] holding the show online, but decided a physical, in-person event would be a [bitter / better] experience. The show [differs / difference] from other auto events around the world because it focuses [many / more] on innovation. There are usually more [correct / concept] cars than actual production cars in the show. This means we can get a [watch / look] at what cars might look [like / likely] in the future. Mr Toyoda said: "The Tokyo Motor show collaborates with a number of industries to envision a new future [for / on] mobility."

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