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survive be live take cope lead adapt put be rely
enjoy express remain finish adapt evolve find lose walk estimate
Could you for a few days without your smartphone or without connected to the Internet? How about in a cave with no mod cons for 40 days? Fifteen people did just that. They part in a project called Deep Time to see how they would react to and with being totally disconnected from the modern world. Scientists from the Human Adaption Institute the $1.9-million project. They wanted to understand how people would to drastic changes in living conditions. They the volunteers in a cave for nearly six weeks. There no sunlight and the cave dwellers had no contact with the outside world. They had to on their body clock to know when to wake up, go to sleep and eat.

Most of the volunteers said they the experience of total isolation. Two-thirds a desire to underground a while longer in order to projects they had started. Deep Time's director Christian Clot said the experience would, "test humans' ability to to the loss of their frame of reference for time and space". He said: "Our future as humans on this planet will . We must learn to better understand how our brains are capable of new solutions, whatever the situation." One striking observation is that participants their sense of time. Mr Clot said: "In our heads, we had into the cave 30 days ago". One team member the time underground to be 23 days.

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