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The words
Many countries around the world are sending oxygen to India. This is because of India's [current / currant] COVID-19 crisis. India is the world's second most [population / populous] country, with over 1.3 billion people. It is currently struggling to [coup / cope] with its latest surge in the coronavirus pandemic. There are over 300,000 new cases every [day / daily] - the largest number of daily cases ever experienced by [any / many] country. India's health system can no longer cope. There are not [plenty / enough] beds, and hospitals are [turning / tuning] away people with the virus. They have also run out [off / of] oxygen. Singapore and the UK have sent much-needed oxygen cylinders [at / to] India. India's government has also arranged for Amazon to [deliver / delivery] 100 ventilators.

A Singapore Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Dr Maliki Osman, explained [why / how] urgent it was to help India. He said: "We have all [witness / witnessed] in the past year how this pandemic is a trans-boundary [threat / threaten] . It gives no regard for country, nationality, or [grace / race] . This is exactly why we must work collectively to support each [another / other] ." The WHO said the situation in India was "[beyond / yonder] heartbreaking". It said: "The WHO is doing everything we can, providing [critique / critical] equipment and supplies, including thousands of oxygen concentrators, mobile [field / pitch] hospitals and laboratory [replies / supplies] ." It added: "The growth that we have seen [in / on] case numbers is really, truly astonishing."

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