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The words
The government in the United Kingdom wants to change its farming [industry / industrial] . It wants younger people [to / for] enter the profession. It has a new plan to pay older farmers to retire. Some older farmers could get up to $140,000 [on / in] cash if they [require / retire] . One of the reasons the government wants older farmers to retire is to [project / protect] the environment. Older farmers use more traditional methods to [farm / harm] their land. These methods are not as environmentally [amicable / friendly] as they should be. The UK's farming minister believes younger farmers are more [wide / open] to "green" methods. He said: "A [fresh / flesh] perspective can make a world of difference." He added that older farmers were "[standing / sitting] in the way of change".

The average [old / age] of farmers in the UK is 59. Around 40 per cent of them are [higher / above] the age of 65. The farming minister said: "We need to address the [twin / twins] challenges of helping new farmers fulfill their dream [of / to] gaining access to land, while also [helps / helping] an older generation to retire with dignity." The scheme is popular [with / at] many veteran farmers. A farmers' association said 75 per cent of its farmers were interested [in / on] the retirement plan. The UK's National Farmers' Union welcomed the government's [plant / plan] . It said: "We want to see a fair transition which allows farmers [who / what] are considering leaving the industry to have [sufficiently / sufficient] time and information to make those life-changing decisions."

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