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The dating app Tinder has launched a new [future / feature] designed to help reduce online [harasser / harassment] . The app uses an algorithm to [defect / detect] potentially abusive content contained in a message created [of / by] the user. Artificial intelligence is used to create a database that flags [up / down] examples of abusive or inappropriate language. After the author of the message presses 'send', a small box [props / pops] up that asks, "Are you sure?" or "AYS?" Developers at Tinder are [optimistically / optimistic] the new feature will drastically cut the number of abusive [message / messages] sent on the platform. They say that while testing the app, the volume of such messages [fall / fell] by 10 per cent. The new feature has been rolled [out / in] on English and Japanese versions of the app.

The Tinder dating app [allowances / allows] users to anonymously [swipe / swap] photos and like or dislike the [prolific / profiles] of possible love matches based on photos, biographies and common interests. Once the app deems two users as [been / being] "matched", they can exchange messages and arrange a date. While the app has resulted in many [funding / finding] love, like similar apps, it has been abused. AYS works on the concept of "act in haste, repent [to / at] leisure". The company says AYS is its response to keeping Tinder a safe environment. It said: "The early results...show [them / us] that intervention done the right way can be really [meaning / meaningful] in changing behaviour and building a [community / immunity] where everyone feels like they can be [themselves / ourselves] ."

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