Speed Reading — Ferrari Fashion - Level 2 — 100 wpm

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Ferrari is a famous name in the car industry and in motor sports. Its luxury sports cars are very fast. The company has entered the business of fashion. It started its own clothing brand. The company briefly stopped making cars at its factory so models could walk down a catwalk. Ferrari wants to make new things. Ferrari told reporters that its clothing brand could make up 10 per cent of the company's profits in ten years from now.

The designer of Ferrari's ready-to-wear clothes used to work for the brand Armani. He used many bright colours, including "Ferrari red" and the yellow used in the Ferrari logo. He hopes his clothes will be popular with young people. He said young people have the energy to show the power of Ferrari's brand." He said they want to buy "something special." Ferrari said it wanted its clothes to show Italian excellence and the best of Italy's creativity.

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