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light open get touch go impact withdraw showcase draw illuminate
attend include declare open be imagine be tweet be have
Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka has the flame to finally the 2020 Olympic Games. After a tumultuous year, the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony officially under way, albeit a year late. Because of fears of a fifth wave of Covid-19 cases in Japan's capital, it has been and go as to whether or not the Summer Games would ahead. The pandemic has already greatly the event. It now takes place with no fans in attendance and several athletes having to after testing positive. Japan still hopes the Games will its culture to the world. The Opening Ceremony to a close around midnight in Japan with a spectacular fireworks display Tokyo's night sky.

According to Tokyo 2020 organizers, 950 people the opening ceremony. This is in a venue with a capacity of 68,000. Attendees Japan's Emperor Naruhito, the US First Lady Jill Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. Emperor Naruhito the Games officially . International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said: "It very different from what all of us had , but let us cherish this moment because finally we all here together. Today is a moment of hope." Naomi Osaka later about her excitement at lighting the flame. She said it : "Undoubtedly the greatest athletic achievement and honour I will ever in my life."

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