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Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka has [alight / lit] the flame to finally open the 2020 Olympic Games. After a [tumultuous / presumptuous] year, the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony officially got [under / over] way, albeit a year late. Because of [fears / afraid] of a fifth wave of Covid-19 cases in Japan's capital, it has been touch and [come / go] as to whether or not the Summer Games would go ahead. The pandemic has already greatly [compacted / impacted] the event. It now takes place with no fans [on / in] attendance and several athletes having to [withdraw / deposit] after testing positive. Japan still hopes the Games will showcase its culture to the world. The Opening Ceremony drew to a [close / end] around midnight in Japan with a spectacular fireworks display illuminating Tokyo's night [sky / line] .

According to Tokyo 2020 organizers, 950 people [attached / attended] the opening ceremony. This is in a venue with a [capital / capacity] of 68,000. Attendees [included / concluded] Japan's Emperor Naruhito, the US First Lady Jill Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. Emperor Naruhito [declared / included] the Games officially open. International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said: "It is very [difference / different] from what all of [us / we] had imagined, but let us [cherish / churlish] this moment because finally we are all here together. Today is a moment of [hopeful / hope] ." Naomi Osaka later tweeted about her excitement [to / at] lighting the flame. She said it was: "Undoubtedly the greatest [athlete / athletic] achievement and honour I will ever have in my life."

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